Everest Base camp Winter Trek 2018

The Everest Base camp (Sagarmatha) from 12th Dec 2018 to 28th Dec 2018

Part 1:- Planning for the trek & leaving behind your life:-

Ok guys here we go again….. I was waiting for this opportunity for long time… finally I feel like I am finding my peace again…

Past two years for me personally ….were really fruitful, full of strategic hard decisions  & lots of fun … I wanted to finish 2018 with a bang …. gifting myself this magnificent tea house trek to Everest Base Camp.

“As we grow old it really becomes difficult to steal time for yourself “

Human mind is a crazy devils place. There was this crazy idea of doing a Sagarmatha base camp trek. We want to do things & we are also scared to do the same things. The idea gave me some kind of dopamine high. Yes there were some crazy reasons to do this trek…… apart from loving the mountains. Everest always has a niche space carved out in my mind since my childhood, as far as I remember the first impression of Everest was set on my mind during my school year’s, after studying a chapter on Bachendri Pal First Indian daughter to climb Mount Everest.

I thanks to these authors for keeping me inspired Rusking Bond, Jon krauer, Sir Edmond Hillary, Bill Atken, Reinhold Messner.

First part of the trek was training mind and body to survive.

My Training of this began 09/09/2018 I bought myself a Bi-Cycle.

I had to break  my routine of work, eat, drink, sleep. I was having a unhealthy routine. I was having a hard time to break my bad habits mentally &  physically. I was planning to pump up more, a battle against time and mind. Planning to get into regular routine before 25th October 2018.

Part 2 :- The trek & The Experiance …..  “Training Is always about mind over matter”.

I planned trained & waited a lot for this trek. It seemed to be very difficult activity in itself, due to work stress I was not able to train as per my training plan. I had planned to walk at least 40 km per week & do 9-10 hikes to our near by Fort Sinhagad (Kondana ht 500 mts).

I planned but could not achieve my set training goals.

After all this, I did trained myself and almost ran 105 KM till first week of Dec 2018, I did completed the trek with ease with no pain at all. The training plan was simple cycle 8 kms,   run & walk for 10 kms. everyday.

I did ran hard and fast. I tried to run & walk at least 10 km every day.  While training, I  imagined myself walking the mountains, I imagined myself looking at the Everest. Training was fun, It was all about pushing & testing my limits.

Best part of training came in the last few weeks, one fine evening it rained heavy it was  November 18,  I had planned to regular training routine of cycle & run… the day was amazing …. I ran in the rains & I cycled in the rain. It was a thunder storm.  I was stuck in the rain for half hour, I was totally wet & shivering toes to head.  I did not remembered when last I had been so wet in the rain. I have always loved the rains, it gave me feeling of blessings from mother nature for my preparation.

” Rains always makes me feel more connected with nature”

Yes I enjoyed my training…..


First Everest view point before reaching. ……..Namche Bazzar…….

” And this is the reason we have to plan and execute, sometimes planning & execution might fall short of our goals, but we are always somewhere nearer to our goals”

“Travelling is not about the destination but its all about the journey”

I booked my tickets online from for

Katmandu to Lukla  yeti airlines website.

My trek was arranged by my online buddy “Animesh Verma” & “Nima Sherpa”….

12th Dec 2018 Day 1: Pune to Kathmandu.



Landed at Kathmandu Airport about 2.30 pm.


I stepped out of the KTM airport, standing alone in front of the airport, I Just took deep breath & opened my eyes, looking at the hill city in front of me & over the horizon surrounded with the magnificent Snow covered Himalayan mountain ranges.

             It was a nice sunny afternoon with cold & chilly winds it felt cold. I exchanged INR currency to NPR. airport currency exchange shops are reluctant to change INR. I could get change only for 2000 INR. I bought one NCell Sim for 400 NPR, NCell sim need some data pack activation or it just drains away all the data that you have, I spent almost 1200 Npr in my whole journey, Its better to get a big data pack once.

         I Connected with home on whats app & I was good to go….. since I had to catch my flight early morning next day I checked in a nearby Hotel called Aulao Inn, a good clean hotel, 15 minutes walking distance from the Airport, with the help of google maps, I walked the small dusty streets of Kathmandu, the city gave me a similar feel of any other Indian small town with dusty roads with  all the hustel & bustel. I reached my hotel around 3.30 pm- 4.00pm. I had to change the INR currency to NPR as my guide Nima had asked.  People seemed reluctant to exchange the INR to NPR, I inquired  with my hotel staff for currency exchange shop, they guided me to one near by shop. I left my hotel in hurry crossing the narrow streets. I was alone did not know anyone in Nepal & now I was carrying INR 40000 ( NPR 60000 ) in cash with me. I felt a bit nervous as I am not used to carry hard cash, plastic money has changed our mindset.

          I found one currency exchange shop, the guy had bluntly rejected first as it was late in the evening, he said the banks also will be closing down. He did not had 60000 NPR with him. I requested him to change, the owner was a very good person, he said we do not disappoint tourist, out of courtesy he asked me to come back at 7.30 pm in evening, he will arrange the cash by then.

Evening In Kathmandu


 Nightmarish ….Sever throat infection…

The hotel room was very cold temperature may be around 2 Deg C. I dropped my plan to take a bath, I just felt a sever itch in my throat and cold was unbearable, I was coughing since my arrival. My worst fear of falling sick on the trek was becoming true on the very first day itself.  I searched my medicines pouch desperately, but in vain I had forgotten to take my throat gargle medicine. I knew this was a sever kind of throat infection which could take 4-5 days for me to recover. After two hours at my hotel room. I was coughing with sever throat pain. I went out to search for my medicine at medical shops near by. Thank god I got the medicine I needed. By the time I came back it was totally dark outside. I had my dinner & again went out to get the currency exchanged.

The First thought of going back home….

I could not sleep the whole night I was coughing & the cold was unbearable. I was coughing mucus with blood spots, the most depressing night I spent alone, the thought of going back home continuously ringing my mind.

” should I go back home ……  this will be my biggest failure  in life,  how will I face my friends and family ” “I will always see myself a failure”, “can I bear it”, “can I plan it next year again.” 

                      “It was a cold dark depressing night…”

The medicines had worked its magic over night… I was feeling a bit better…. My flight was at 6.15 am, I got up at 3.30 am cold was killing me, I got my breakfast at 4.30 am, the tea turned cold within 2 minutes, some how I had my breakfast & got ready for the next leg of my Journey.

               ” And the Adventure Began with a Bang”
13th Dec 2018 Day 2: Kathmandu To Lukla.

“Meeting the Sleeping Dogs in the Early Morning Darkness”

I decided to walk to the airport early morning left hotel at 4.30am. & started walking the dark lonely streets of  nearby my hotel, I was walking upwards carrying my two heavy trekking bags.

While leaving I asked, the hotel staff do the dogs trouble??? He laughed and said “no”. I felt a bit of sarcasm in his laughter. It was also foolish of me to as such questions. I was walking along the dark lane, I saw two huge dogs sleeping on the road. I was scared but I knew I should not look weak, so I kept walking normally, I just passed the first dog. he was quite asleep happily, then I passed the second dog he was also quite happily sleeping….

” The dogs might be thinking what is this fool doing out in this… blood bone chilling cold “

I came to the main road and booked a cab as the domestic airport is a bit uphill and at 15 minutes walking distance. The domestic airport is very simple place nothing shiny or glazy here, I waited for my flight ours was the second flight. There was a boarding call or our flight. We were provided a minibus which took us to our flight. Kathmandu domestic airport is a beautiful place.img_20181213_054031

Boarding  the 19 Seater Twin otter Aircraft….


The sun was arising across the horizon the mountains were glowing in golden hue & yes we had beautiful lady pilot in the cockpit. Our plane was filled with young enthusiastic boys & girls laughing & joking. The people around lightened up my mood & I was feeling a bit confident of completing the trek.

We took off at approximately 7. 30 am…



Landing at Kathmandu….