Eshin’s Bed time Stories

Desert kite Oasis and the monkeys..

Once upon a time there was a big desert. In the desert there was small town near the Oasis.

There lived a boy called Mustafa he had a friend named Jasmin. One afternoon Mustafa was flying kite along with Jasmin. The kite was flying very high in the bright sunny afternoon. Suddenly Jasmin shouts there is other kite attacking our kite.

The new kite belonged to the boy called Abbas. He was trying to cut Mustafa’s kite. Mustafa pulls his kite down with one jerk to his thread. The kite flying swiftly downwards. Pulling the thread upward Mustafa s kite Swiftly Cuts off their thread of Abbas kite and Jasmin jumps off with cheers.

Next day morning Mustafa, Abbas and Jasmin go for swimming in the lake near the Oasis. Near the Oasis there were lots of Date fruit trees. After thier swim they all go to eat some dates but there they saw monkeys eating off all the date fruits which belong to thier town.

Jasmin said we have to stop these monkeys from eating our fruits.Abbas says I have a idea let’s all collect small stones and paint stones like date fruit.

Then the three friends start painting the stones which looked like Date fruits. Soon they filled a huge bucket with painted stones which looked like date fruit.

They kept the bucket near the trees soon the monkeys came around the bucket and Start ed eating the fake fruits one by one all the monkeys broke thier tooth eating stones which looked like fruits…the three friends taking opportunity shouted and howled at the monkeys and ran them away …the monkeys never came back to eat thier fruits……

All rights reserved by Pankaj S Bhalerao

Eshu & Chiu Tai lost in the jungle!!!!!!

Good morning Ma & Pa!!!!!!! Shouts Eshin!!! Pa: Good morning !!!! dear!!!!

esh: I am good

Pa: ok today I am going to the village town to get us some groceries and supplies, your Ma is also gone to meet her parents you will be staying alone today. Have your breakfast & don’t go far in the jungle.

esh: Ok no problem bye come home soon

Pa: Ok bye bye bebu take care I will be back soon!!!

Eshin sits near the window and looks at her father walking away in the jungle…slow his figure fades away he is no more seen…. She keeps staring is out of her window… She looks at the tall tree line surrounding her home and the snow covered mountains far…. The snow coverd mountain peaks l glowing like orange red flames as morning sunrays kiss every snow peaks.

Suddenly she hears a voice…”Hi”

Eshin is just lost in her beautiful surroundings… Again the voice says “Hiii” Eshin is still lost and day dreaming!!! And then comes a loud shout helloooo!!! Eshuuuuuu!!!!!!!

Hey hi Chiu my dear friend good morning……. morning!!!!

Chiu: Are you alone today

Esh: yeh… Come join me for yummy breakfast

Chiu: umm hmmmm yummy

Chiu: Let’s go out in the jungle and play near the lake today.

Esh: Yes but my Pa said don’t go far away. We have to stay safe!!! Wait lest clean our plates & lock our home and leave

Eshin starts walking and Chiu Tai fly’s from one tree to other looking for ripe fruits to eat …. She finds a Guava tree full of sweet and sour guavas…

Chiu: Eshu come here there are lots of yummy guavas to eat… Eshin runns towards the tree … She see a monkey sitting on the tall tree..

Esh: hey monkey please drop a Guava for me.. monkey says hey Eshu catch this one… All the three eat guava and crack a few jokes on each other…and the two friends carry on thier walking.

Esh: Oh I’m really excited to go to the lake lets walk fast… Chiu says yes I can fly very fast!!!!

After some time they come across a huge grey elephant eating bananas….

Ele:Hey Eshu how are you …. You have came long way inside the jungle today. Here have some bananas for you two…

Esh: Yes Ele we are going to the lake today…Ohh stay safe. I have seen one big crocodile near the lake few days ago…

Esh: Yes my dear ele we will take care and stay out of trouble.

After walking for one hour they reach the lake …. Chiu Tal dives into the water and starts to swim…she calls Eshu to join.

Eshu first carefully watches the lake waters and the shore for any signs of crocodiles and other wild animals near the lake and then jumps in the cold water of the lake. Both the friends play in the water untill the sun comes over thier head and starts to shine brightly.

The two friends decide to call it a day and get out of the water. They both sit on the shore of the lake eating the bananas given to them by the strong Ele…..

Esh: Hey look there is small boat there!!!

Chiu: Cheerful and excited as ever shouts out … Wow !!!!let’s take the boat and go to the other side of the lake yeah!!!! I have never gone on the other side of the lake.

Esh: Chiu wild animals live on the other side of the lake we are forbidden to go on the otherside of the lake. My Pa will shout at me… Let’s not go there…

Chiu gets angry and tells Eshu I will go alone if you are not coming with me.

Esh: Ok if you want to go ahead you go. I will wait for you here come back soon..

Chiu: Making a angry face fly’s away to the other side.

Eshu finds a nice big great banyan tree near the lake and sits under the shade observing the ripples forming on the surface of the water formed by the gentle cold breeze and waves making sweet soft noise of crashing on the shore. Looking at the dense green line of forest trees standing across the lake and the mighty snow clad mountains standing faraway in the background. Observing the beautiful nature she drift away in nice afternoon sleep…..

Sound of Birds chirping on the tree… Eshu wakes ohh she thinks where is my friend Chui Tai it’s must have been a couple of hours…. She became worried and tears rolled up her eyes!!!! She started running towards her home. Reaching home she find the door open, she pushes her way and and sees her Pa sitting next to the fire place. She leaps on him from behind and starts crying

Pa : Hey bebu what’s the matter dear why are you crying what happened to my brave girl. Who never cries…

Esh: Chiu Tai is lost in the dense forest across the lake..

Pa: Ohh Did you guys crossed over the lake ???

Esh: No Pa… I did not Chiu went alone ahead I stopped near lake and took a nap below the great big banyan tree.

Pa: Let go and find her then don’t worry. Chiu is a brave birdy she will be lost some where we will find her…let’s go…

Monkey on the guava tree see both the father and daughter runnig towards the lake he stops them and ask what’s the matter Chiu Tai is lost in the dark forest we have to find her before it gets dark…monkey also joins them I will come along to help you guys.

Ele sitting near banana tree also sees all the three running and follows them towards the lake.

All of them reach the lake…. Elephant comes running from behind …and asks hey guys what happened is everything alright. I saw you guys running and I came behind you here. Chiu Tai is missing said Eshu… We have to find her before it gets dark.

Pa: Lets take the boat across the lake monkey and Eshu sit in the boat Ele say I will wait for you here… And they all row the boat across the lake the evening sky was turning orange as the snow clad peaks were also turning orange with the setting evening sun. And the forest across the lake was turning darker and darker as their boat came closer to the shore.

Eshu was astonished and amazed to see such tall and huge trees… The trees had huge trunk so big that one whole elephant could make a home for himself inside the trunk of these trees. The top of the trees were just not visible from the forest floor . The trees were so densely packed that one could not differentiate which branch belonged to which tree.

Pa: We have day light for one more hour common let’s go find Chiu Tai, carry a wooden branch to ward off any wild animal… Stay alert and stay together. Don’t be scared.

They all start to walk under the huge trees calling for Chiu Tai… After Half hour walk inside the jungle there was no sign of Chiu Tai… Eshu slowly starts to sob feeling worried for her friend. Then the monkey says you guys wait here I will just climb this tree and check for Chiu Tai… As the monkey starts climbing Pa again shouts ” Chiu Tai we are here to get you home where are you”

Chiu Tai is hiding in one of the foliage as monkey gets near her she shouts I am here help me!!!!!!.

Monkey gets Chiu Tai on his shoulder and brings here down. Chiu Tai sobbing hard fly’s towards Eshu and sits in her palms. Says sorry I should had listened to you I got so scared seen this dark jungle I lost my strength to fly back across the lake..!!!

Pa: ohh what a relief ok now every one stay together let’s get back to our boat and let’s go home…..

The End!!!!!!

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