Golden Temple a Spiritual Connect…..

The Great Harmandir Sahib Gurudwara ( the abode of god)


The Bliss you feel here is out of world



As usual after finishing my weeks work in Delhi I had decided to move ahead some where in the mountains…. As it was monsoon season, I had doubt of going ahead in the Himalayas after whole week running behind the clients

I had no strength to look up to the Himalayas, web portals skymet & were showing heavy rains in the mountains, I cancelled my Himalayan adventure.  though it always pains to not being in the mountains. It  definitely would had been  Tosh or some where near spiti valley any ways there always will be a next time.

I had pre-booked my Delhi Amritsar ticket on Punjab Govt. bus online portal. After reaching ISBT I realised it was such a good decision to book online, no seats were available for travelers on the go… all the booking are done online. Punjab Govt.  buses are comfortable, I always do prefer to  travel in a State govt. run buses they seem more disciplined & reliable compared to the private bus operators.

I left delhi at 9.00 pm reached Amritsar next day morning at 5.30-6.30 am. Ha it felt fresh bus stand was empty, I sat calmly out side a close tea shop thinking of where to stay & google was working for me in the background. pop came a notification on some travel site I zeroed in on hotel sapphire which was located very near to the temple As I had decided to just relax at the Gurudwara. Have some good Punjabi lassi amazing Kulchas & other delicacies….

Day 2 was planned visit to jallianwala baug memorial & museum just reminds us the price our ancestors had paid for the freedom we enjoy today.

Next was a visit to Wagha Border ceremony my hotel guys quoted for private taxi Rs 1300, I enquired on the streets there are  shared rikshaws cost 60 Rs per pax. I happily jumped on it, the border closing ceremony is greatly co-ordinated by our BSF, just It was too hot to stand in the queue for 2 hrs gates open at 2.30 pm but our time gates were opened at 4.00 Pm. It was hell of a experience to one and all, old & young, with the scorching hot sun over head and we Indians breaking the queues fighting among our-self. Well that’s the beauty of our country.

Now came the fun part Stadium has two sections, one is reserved for VIP & Genral Public. the genral public had no place to sit so some were standing in the middle so all others were standing, marathis, punjabis , gujrathis, haryanivs, biharis, bengalis, all stuffed up together with no co-ordinated seat allotment. I wont explain any further you can imagine your self what I  would have experienced.

A note :- please do get a VIP pass & enjoy the show.

I wont make this write up any longer just love to share the bliss of this amazing marvel created by man devoted to the selfless divine creator.






Food joints In Amritsar near the gurudwara are all equally good I did not realised any diffrence between the so called famous hotels online and a next door thaila , so guys untill my next blog take care stay healthy.. dont worry be happy.

Cost :- Delhi – Amritsar bus -Rs 1500, Amritsar hotel- rs1500, amritsar – wahga border tuktuk-120 Rs, hotel – airport tuktuk-300 Rs. Food- 800 Rs

Wahe Guru…Wahe Guru…Wahe……Guruuu…..wahe Guruuuu……..!!!!!!!!



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